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dettolThe all new Dettol air mask protects the users from PM 2.5, bacteria, dust and even pollen. For daily use when there is pollution, haze or dust. Initially the masks were exclusively available on Amazon India. The mask comes with two replaceable filters.

Dettol has been the trusted partner of health, for millions of mothers across the country, to protect their family by preventing illnesses and infections. Even today, the brand continues to be one of the most trusted protectors of health ranking among the top 10 Most Trusted Brands in India since the last decade.

Ideal for bike riders and commuters who face the city pollution every day. There is more than just dust and PM 2.5 in the air. Air pollution is a serious hazard for the urban Indian citizen where they face pollution from vehicles, factories and homes, as well as dust from construction. Air pollution can potentially cause some dangerous allergies including coughing, rhinitis, asthma, etc. Whether going to office on a bike or are just out and about, air pollution always poses a serious threat to health.

1. Adjustable ear loops for a comfortable fit.
2. Specially designed zip lock carry bag.
3. 2 filters provided.

1. 4 in 1 protection from air pollution.
2. Adjustable nose clip that fits the face and helps prevent pollutants from leaking into the mask.

A popular brand, one that comes with much credibility.If pharmacists are to be believed, are flying off shelves. The mask is comes with a pouch and two filters. While Dettol started by preventing infection and sickness in hospitals in the UK, the brand’s mission has always been much bigger. In order to help keep people healthy, Dettol wants to protect families as part of their every-day lives in their home.

Dettol goes to schools every year to teach children the importance of hygiene to stay healthy. Every year millions of new mothers around the world received a free starter kit from the brand, containing product and hygiene information to help them keep their family safe.

Every year, the brand pledge to do more for the health of families across the world. It values its partnership with mothers across the world and strives to deliver better personal hygiene and cleaning solutions to help keep her home and family healthy.

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