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rizwanPaper Boat has rolled out the latest installment of its ‘Drinks and Memories’ campaign. This short fi lm of over 3 minutes has been conceptualised by Humour Me.The brand released a fi lm titled B Keeper of the Gates of Heaven on the digital platform. It is Paper Boat’s fi rst foray into fi ction storytelling. Narrated by Rizwan himself, the fi lm opens with him gardening. He recounts how his mother told him he was different from other children and he had come from the stars, to be the caretaker of Jannat and that’s why he was named Rizwan (keeper of the gate of heaven). His gardening is interrupted by the fragrance of something, which brings him back memories. Recounting several events of the past, the fi lm cuts back to the present, where Rizwan is petting his dog. He says that he hasn’t had the fortune to see the world like others because he’s blind. But he enjoyed the world through his mother’s tales. And even today, the fragrance of the winds on a stormy day makes him remember his mother and her tales, he confesses. A super says, ‘The sense of smell can transport you. The sense of taste even more so’. It signs off with Paper Boat’s ‘Drinks and Memories’ tagline.

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