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In this changing era of marketing, how do you see yourself evolving as a leader and adapting the same in your working style?
Marketing in this digital age has evolved immensely. You can track every move. Earlier, it was only television and print mode for advertising but today we have tools like web and mobile which are readily available that allow me to track every move of my customer. Like in the case of web, you have real time tracking of users, their IP addresses, how much time they spend on the website, you can see what stuff he did on website that makes a huge data available for you to analyse and customise your product for the end users. So marketing is more towards customisation and personalisation. So the ultimate aim of marketing in digital era is to offer a customised dashboard to every customer. Market is more data oriented. In today’s time, we don’t create product, we evolve product. We just launch a product and it evolves basis on the consumer feedback.

What according to you are the factors that are responsible for these changes? are they good enough to sustain or we’ll head back to pen n paper model?
Since the evolution, the market has changed drastically. Earlier we had print and television but today things have changed. We have increased bandwidth, 160 million handphone and smartphones in the market. The consumers today are more demanding. In order to satisfy their need, we have to evolve. Technology has made it possible and changed the face of marketing in last 10 years. Also, advertising has come a long way, and with the rapid pace of technological growth, it’s going to advance in times to come.
We can track real time happenings in this space. What page is earning more clicks, and returns at the end? We have tools that can suggest how much money is yielded by various methods of advertising and how much amount of money should be invested accordingly. And on the basis of this real time data analysis, we can actually calculate our ROI, basis on which we can do optimisation.There is complete visibility of data which was not possible earlier.

At First Handle we have culture of two way feedback mechanism to drive cooperation, collaboration and promote team work

Is social media the new face of marketing?
There are two types of media, earned media and paid media. Social media is basically earned media. The kind of activities you do across various frameworks on social media is the strongest form of media. Yes, it is the new face of media and it will only become stronger with times to come. It is cost effective since it is earned media. Despite ofhaving so much clutter in this space, conventional way of advertising continues to thrive. Conventional media and new media will continue to coexist in times to come.

Digital media or print media? Which one is your pick and why?
Print media has seen sharp decline globally however, in India they have shown slight growth. If you go print media, your reach is limited to particular state or region, but if you advertise over the web, it’s all across the globe. Secondly, print media limits you with space, you cannot go beyond their said dimensions. But, in digital media, you have no limitation. You can support your ad with pictures, videos and write at length. You can be more expressive and impactful when you’re on the web as compared to print media. Also, print media is expensive Vis a Vis digital media.

While branding a product, what are the factors that should be taken into consideration?
In digital world, product have very short window to register recall in consumer’s mind. We call it zero moment of truth (ZMOT). So it’s imperative for brands to communicate to consumer inside out and demonstrate functionality seamlessly across platforms and devices.

Your leadership style?
I believe in pushing down the decision making authority to the bottom level in order to drive effi ciency in the organisation. At FirstHandle we have culture of two way feedback mechanism to drive cooperation, collaboration and promote team work.

Who inspires the most and why?
Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi inspires me the most. His ability to multitask, manage global relations and suave decision makes him worth admiring. With his Long term planning and clear focus Modi sets goals and controls manpower to complete individual tasks. He practically and directly supervises personnel even at the very bottom of the pyramid. His commendable art of planning and executing things will defi nitely take nation the other end.

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