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Founder-Dark Horse Network Media
Alma Matter: Symbiosis institute of Management Studies
Ethnicity: Indian

It takes effort to identify a vision that your customers will find credible and aligned with their values. How have you been crafting such a vision for your company?
It takes a lot of inner strength, authenticity and humor to carry forward a vision. More than identifying the vision, following it, is what that is paramount. One have to keep it right in accordance with their customers and their needs.
Don’t worry so much about the ‘How’. It’s the ‘Why’ and one’s own gut which matters at the end of the day!!

What role is social media platform playing on today’s marketing standards?
Social Media is the heart of all Marketing messages. No matter what you are saying on any medium be it radio, TV, Print, Outdoor, the conversation and opinion sharing is enabled by social media. And by virtue of that social is now critical in the overall marketing mix
Although it takes a complete DIGITAL and not just social strategy to stay involved and relevant as a brand and a personality.

What would be your prime focus for retaining customers advertising new products or launching service oriented campaigns?
Prime Focus always comes from the solution of a real problem. Most of the businesses are becoming personalized and on demand and in such a market scenario it’s important that you fulfi ll the core need of the business with a clear ROI with not just offering a vanilla creative or content solution.
It’s not so much about the website, app or social presence. It’s more about driving sales and customer satisfaction. Analytics and psychographic profi ling of customers goes a long way in aiding business objectives.

“Money coming in says I’ve made the right marketing decision”- till what regard do you observe this quote? Also, is true that marketing itself requires a mammoth budget?
Making money if really incidental. The true mark of any marketing or business in 2015 is IMPACT. How many lives are you changing or affecting with what you do is the key barometer of success. The underlying theme is to nourish and empower.
Nowadays, most startups that gets launched on Facebook for free-without even hosting a website. It’s just a string belief in the idea which comes from inherent likes/dislikes which is fueling entrepreneurs.
Its Talent, Perseverance, Belief and Persistent that matters. In my opinion mammoth budgets are not needed for marketing. What one need is free will and power to choose!!

How did you develop your passion for marketing?
I have pursued HR and Law as an academician. So it has been a curvy road to opt for marketing as a career. My love was for digital. In 2005 when I left all to join a startup in Mumbai, I thought virtual marketplaces are the future and it has been that single point belief which I am following since 10 years. Along the way my expertise has honed, I have a huge network of people and I have grown to love marketing because to me its helps to solve real issues. Digital marketing is also democratic with no entry barriers. That to me is the key for the enduring love for the same.

Which is your favorite book on marketing?
I am passionate towards reading and as such there are many books I love to read. My favourite is Outliers as it teaches you to think out of the box or growth hacking, which is the cornerstone of modern businesses. More than marketing books its memoirs, which have aided inspired action on my part.

Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you? Maybe someone who has been a mentor to you? Why and how did this person impact your life?
I have been fortunate enough to have many mentors and great bosses along the way. The biggest infl uence on my life is my transformation teacher Prasad Karmakar.He came into my life when I lost my Father in 2011 and he literally looked past the current crisis and brought reiki and spirituality in my life.
From feeling lost after losing a parent, thanks to this support and community, I relooked at how I did everything. Today it’s the process and the intention and the purpose that matters. The rat race is over and even as a industry leader, one can fall in the trap of the money and the fame and it helps to be aided so you stay grounded and humble at all times. He converted me into a ‘Peaceful Warrior’

Be your own fortune teller and tell us where do you see yourself in next 5 years?
I see myself on board of Dark Horse Network Media as an advisor(not running it).I will be a publisher writer and will also be an international speaker addressing the topics of empowerment and changing education paradigms. I will be running a home schooling-virtual classroom for children from 3 to 14 yrs of age. Moreover, I will be telling stories via fi lms of hope and inspiring people. These are all work in progress right now.

Which is your quote that inspires you and enlightens your heart?
There are two quotes that enlighten me a lot: “Work towards peace in your heart, everything else I promise will follow” “You are bigger than your Faults”

One message you want to give to the women at large.
Women need to allow things to fl ow to them. They have to stay authentic and true to their feminine nature. The intuition and creativity is strength and power.

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