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by Arpan Jennifer Vimal

Festivals provide an incredible opportunity for brands to engage a key target group of consumers.
They have become a great opportunity for brands to embark on marketing campaigns at a grassroots level.
Be it in India or any other country, festivals are not only a celebration of tradition and customs but also an occasion for people to indulge on themselves and other loved ones. In line with festivals, brands select various marketing activities such as ad campaigns, discount offers and promotions which are adapted to the occasions.
snapdeal_1413613726These marketing activities are executed with the objective of generating sales, creating brand awareness or building a corporate brand image and are common across various emerging markets.
It is said that there are more festivals in India, than there are days in a year. Whether it is Diwali – ‘festival of lights’ or Holi – ‘the colourful occasion’, consumers consider the festivity period highly auspicious for buying and gifting. For instance, there is a specific day during the 5-day Diwali occasion on which Indians generously invest in gold. Marketers capitalize on this retail opportunity and offer various deals during these festivity periods.

Marketing activities used by Indian e-commerce brands during Diwali in November will result in increased sales.

In a country like India, where purchase decisions are mostly driven by emotions, the holiday season comes with a big bonus of reminding customers about the Indian culture by associating it with the products. Festivities provide a very good opportunity to reconnect with the current and prospective clients or customers. Brands plan out effective marketing strategies especially during these festivals that helps in making a better connect with their customers.
The concept of festival consumerization is also seen in Brazil – a country which is known to have a profound cultural heritage. In order to market a brand effectively in Brazil, it is important to associate it with the country’s culture which is at its peak during the Annual Carnival in Rio. One brand that utilized the shopcarnival for its marketing was Antarctica – one of the largest beer producing companies in Brazil.
There is definitely a common ground when it comes to the comparison of marketing activities employed by brands during festival seasons. However, the levels of communication differ from brand to brand depending on their objectives. The rate of success achieved by brands during these special occasions is commendable and hence, further exploring these marketing strategies can prove to be highly significant in the future.
For instance, marketing activities used by Indian e-commerce brands during Diwali in November will result in increased sales. Flipkart, Amazon India, Snapdeal and a host of online shopping sites are fl ooding newspapers and television channels with advertisements, as they lure customers during the festival season in a bid to gain an upper hand in the intensely competitive e-commerce market. It will definitely be exciting to see further interesting and innovative marketing and sales activities by brands during the coming festivals.

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