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11057374_541346656028176_3225563827439665917_o ‘Luxury is not meant to be marketed online’ The age-old marketing cliché is swiftly diminishing as the world’s best known luxury cars try to win the hearts of customers through digital media. From facebook to twitter, YouTube to specially customized apps, luxury car brands are leaving no stone unturned to get the Indian customers on their side.
Social media are hard to get right, but they are one of the most rewarding. It starts with assembling the right team. Interacting on social media requires a level of knowledge and customer service that accords with the core values of the brand.
For the vast majority of brands digital marketing presents an opportunity to generate better sales by reaching to a wider section of the audience. Ardour to use digital media by luxury car brands is to gain the expected reach with the economic benefits of the medium over the conventional marketing strategies.
One of the advantages of digital media is that it generates data, enabling analytics that were previously impossible. It is more measurable than the other forms of the media. Apart from providing a huge reach, digital media is about creating engagement, understanding customers and building relationship with the target audience.

FT_16MY_140_GBL-device_desktop-1366x660_tcm91-124772_desktop_1366x660German luxury car manufacturer Audi is one of the firm believers in new media and has recently executed a digital-only campaign for its new car, with teasers and a video press release.
Audi announced the launch of its sedan A6 Matrix in a digitized fashion. A video, featuring Joe King, head, Audi India, was shared by the brand on social media platforms to announce the launch. Further, the video press release was sent out to the publications. The brand also introduced the pre-event teaser campaign on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to stir up the curiosity among its fans.

audi appThe video explains the sleek features of the car along with a virtual preview. Joe King is seen introducing the car as the next chapter by saying, ‘it just knows’. The same hash-tag was also promoted on social media websites.

Audi is not the only one looking to drive sales through digital platforms. Luxury car brand Mercedes Benz had developed an iPad-based tool called iSales, which showcases features of the car through videos, images and even financial options. It had been instrumental in aiding sales to tech-savvy customers, who are on the move.
Apart from marketing their car as unique, brands are also using the online forum to build loyalty with the fickle customers. Jaguar, for instance, had developed the F-TYPE Mobile App, which takes the viewer behind the scenes to explain just how their luxury car was created.
Audi A3 - Inside the A3The online USP for luxury and super-luxury cars is customization. Mercedes introduced the iPad-based iConfigurator, which allows customers to create the car of their dreams. For those who want a new look Porsche, that’s possible too. Buyers can log in to the brand’s official website – choose exteriors, interiors and other options that will enable the customer to have a Porsche no one else has. Once done, final images of the car are shown, enabling the buyer to see what their Porsche would look like. This option is something even a visit to the showroom would not be able to provide.
Though the automotive industry is renowned for being ahead of the curve in most areas and is a sector known for innovation, for using science to drive technology and for testing new ideas to make things better, yet the online journey of car brands is still in its nascent stages in India and needs to catch up to grow their market share. But with a continued slump in luxury car sales, it is expected the fight for the customer is only set to get bigger on the web.

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