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Chief Excecutive Officer


Describe your business in 10 words or fewer.

Bringing International quality lingerie experience for the Indian Woman


What is the big idea behind your business?

Lingerie is a largely unorganized category in India and 7 out of 10 women still wear the wrong bra size. Hence a great opportunity to work with consumers and grow this category


It’s often said that leaders these days must operate in an environment of extreme volatility. Do you agree? How does that affect the way you lead?

Yes. One needs to be open to new ideas, think on their feet and be willing to accept changes and course correct quickly


A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. What is your prime focus for retaining customers?

While we all work on acquiring new customers every day, keeping customers coming back generates the highest ROI. Communicating with your customers, listening to their feedbacks on our products and policies and transparently addressing that goes a long way in generating customer loyalty. We are also extremely focused on quality of our offerings as that is what ultimately keeps bringing them back.


What was your first paying job?

Balsara Hygiene Pvt Ltd


Do you have a formal mechanism for making sure you stay in touch with employees and customers on the organi- zation’s front line?

Yes. Physical periodic review meets to technology enabled salesforce solutions, we maintain constant communication and diaologue with our employees and customers.


What is the best business advice you’ve ever heard?

Everyone gets opportunities, what you do with it is what matters.


What has surprised you about being an entrepreneur?

How people behave so differently when its their resources or capital at stake


What strategies do you use in terms of planning your personal career progression?

Never shy from taking on more. That way you define and grow your role and capabilities.


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