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In this changing era of marketing, how do you see yourself evolving as a leader and adapting the same in your working style?
Yes, I believe the way of marketing is changing. The way brands communicate & advertise is changing. The way consumers used to interact with brands is changing. From a one way communication from “brand to consumer” where effectiveness of a medium was mostly vague due to challenges in measurability, now effectiveness has become more measurable based on two way communication with consumers via engagement (reach, how many people talk to you & how many people talk about you) & clicks throughs. The way we have adapted the same in our working style is that our strategies & solutions to our clients revolve around understanding consumer insights, behavioral pattern, what are they talking about & what do they expect from a product. Based on this, we develop ideas across various consumer touchpoints be it Social, Content, Design, Search or PR.

What according to you are the factors that are responsible for these changes? are they good enough to sustain or we’ll head back to pen n paper model?
There are many factors but the biggest factor today is the moving screen with you to keep you connected all the time. If a news breaks you either get a notification from the news apps or read it on social media. By the time the newspaper reaches you the next day, you already know most of the content. Now brands films & movie trailers are now being released on Youtube first then on national television to get earned media via shares & optimize cost per reach. The biggest challenge for marketers these days is also how to get maximum attention of millennials since they have such a short attention span because of multiple content being thrown at them. The second reason is possibility of Experiential marketing. With pen & paper model, that can’t be achieved (yes, exceptions are always there such as sachet sampling in magazines) Thirdly, the shift in content consumption pattern. People now Google solutions for every problem they have. An FMCG advertiser that showcase its acne removal cream ad specifically to a girl between 16-22 age suffering from acne through youtube when she is looking for acne removal techniques or either on the web when she is reading blogs about it. This level of customization & detailing can be only achieved here.

Is social media the new face of marketing?
It is, but not the only face. Its not that print is bad, digital is better. As I said, an effective campaign is one which reaches the target consumer at various touchpoints. Offiine media can be optimized but cant be neglected. As per This Year Next Year report, Ad spending in India in 2016 are estimated to grow 15.5% to Rs.57,486 crore with digital advertising expanding at the fastest pace of 47.5%. That makes us confident on where we are putting our energies.
Digital media or print media? which one is your pick and why?
Digital, because its more targeted, cost effective & measurable.

While branding a product, what are the factors that should be taken into consideration?
The first thing we should be clear is what is the objective of the brand; in terms of what does it want to achieve through that campaign. Also we need to understand at what stage is the brand – whether it is new, a known brand or somewhere in the middle. It totally depends on the brief.

Your leadership style?

who inspires the most and why?
Dr. Daisaku Ikeda. He is the President of Soka Gakkai International (SGI), a Buddhist Non-Profit Organization. He couldn’t complete college due to personal circumstances & today, at 88+, he has more than 360 honorary doctorates, has presence over 192 counties. His passion & courage to forge on & win despite various difficulties by facing them head on, spirit of believing & improving oneself & respect for humanistic values is what inspires me the most.

suggestions to budding marketing leaders.
I think I should be the one at the receiving end

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