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stockholdingStockHolding Corporation of India Ltd. (StockHolding) is a Government Company, being a subsidiary of Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI). It has Pan India network of about 200 branches spread across more than 150 cities and towns.

StockHolding is promoted by leading Financial Institutions and Insurance Majors such as IFCI, SU-UTI, LIC, GIC and its subsidiaries, all leaders in their respective fields of business.

The company is one of the market leaders providing Capital Market and Financial Services over the last 30 years and holds Assets under Custody of INR30 trillion, the largest in India. The company provides Depository and Broking Services, distribution of RBI Bonds, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, NCDs/ IPOs, National Pension System (NPS), Loans, Insurance, Gold & Silver Coins & Bars. In the Institutional Segment StockHolding provides Custodial Services, Fund Accounting Services, Pension Fund Administration, Subsidiary General Ledger (SGL) and Document Management Services. StockHolding also provides Government Services such as e-Stamping, e-Registration Fees and e-Court Fees.

1. Commitment to quality irrespective of asset size, Customer Relationship and Customer Delight.
2. Safety and Efficiency of Operations is the hallmark of StockHolding.

1. “We look after everything” (the customer does not have to go anywhere else).
2. Trustworthy, Transparent and High on Ethics.
3. Service Excellence.
4. Robust Systems, Compliance and Process Driven.

Innovation is a continuous exercise at StockHolding to improve business performance, benchmarked with its own best and based on feedback from customers. StockHolding always thrives to achieve Digital Transformation for creating compelling customer experiences, improving core operations and reinventing business models.

StockHolding enjoys the trust of lakhs of customer given its institutional status and has a proven track record of process, operational and service capabilities. Several awards and citations received by StockHolding reflect trust and respect from diverse segments of the investor community which includes Retail, HNIs, Corporates and Institutions.

Highest Asset Value Under
Custody- StockHolding has received the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) Star Performer Award consecutively for last three years for Highest Asset Value.

Highest Number of Active

Customer Accounts- StockHolding has received the NSDL Star Performer Award consecutively for last two years, for being the Top Performer in Active Accounts.
• BSE Skoch Award for Best Custodian.
• Best NPS POP Award by PFRDA.

The brand aims to be a world class ‘technology driven’ and ‘client focused’ market leader in financial and technical services. Be a preferred Service Provider and to touch people’s lives in a different positive way.

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