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What is the first thing a consumer looks for in a brand? Consumer is king, a philosophywhere every brand works around. Quality and Value for money are the two important factors that affects a consumer’s buying behavior. Swiss Military products have been designed diligently matching the Global standards of quality. “Exclusivity” is the key as the product in question has to stand out in an over-saturated and repetitive market. Reliability and sustainability are of utmost concern. Our products are passed through stringent tests to ensure that the high standards set internally are met every time a product rolls out of our global production lines.Out of 1200 Global SKU’s each market is researched thoroughly to deliver to the ‘demandvacuum’. Swiss Military products stand out in all markets for their utility proposition, exclusive designs and affordable pricing. Our products confi dently infl uence the ‘Impulse buy’ factor for any consumer. The brand has diversifi ed categories across various product segments namely Travel Gear, Writing Instruments, Watches, Garments, Accessories, Kitchenware, Eye Wear, Leather Goods, Outdoor/Hiking, Footwear, Cosmetics & Electronics with over 1200 present SKU’s in the global portfolio. Today, Swiss Military is a brand that is widely patronized by those who value affordable luxury, versatility & uniqueness of design and a one stop shop for a Lifestyle brand.

In managing a brand where does leadership come into play?
Thought leadership is the key factor that helps in shaping and structuring a brand. Besides managing a brand, it is more about being a market forerunner that thinks out of the box and creates a distinct mark with all our endeavors. One has to be on toes every time to meet the expectations of consumer, market and your own team. As a leading torch to the brand, I always try introducing innovative ideas and bring the best out of the existing resources.

Was there any particular challenge your brand faced in the market initially?
Swiss Military is an ever evolving brand. Whenever the brand enters any new market, the research on taste and demand, has always helped us to blend in easily by customizing the existing products as per the requirement of market. So the challenge to recreate existing SKU’s is one we both relish and thrive on.

Hardest challenge that you have faced?
The customer today is price sensitive and needs assurance regarding the purchase in question. After being bombarded by so many brands in an over saturated market, the consumer has multiple options from as many channels to make the purchase from. Therefore it is imperative that we as a brand with USP’s of affordable luxury and a unique value and design proposition for each of our SKU’s both convey and convince the customer regarding the same. Historically, our fi rst time customer always come back with a strong word of mouth publicity making it the fastest growing premium lifestyle brand globally.

Your Inspiration
Our goal of being the number one player in the global premium lifestyle segment both in terms of the value proposition offered and the visibility herein keep us ticking. Being the only brand in the world to be a one stop shop for any category under the sun for mens lifestyle has us penetrate every market acutely through multiple entry points that grow exponentially with the synergy at hand.

What are your favorite pastime activities to keep away the work pressure and deadlines?
Adventure gives me thrill. From outdoor sports to my passion for motorcycles, keeps me at bay from all work stress. I never miss a chance to go for a ride on my bike on weekends, or probably just spend some quality time with friends and family.

In your views how important is advertising and marketing in present day scenario?
The contemporary advertising and marketing mix is extensive, from price till product positioning the brands are becoming more innovative. The traditional advertising ways have been taken over by innovative branding in print and digital space. Advertising and marketing go hand in hand for Brand recall and brand loyalty. It helps a brand to reach its right target audience, and rest word of mouth works the best. Swiss Military has always had a fair visibility in-fl ights and online. Since now the brand is making its retail successfully, the brand soon will be visible in Print advertisements, Television commercials and digital with a right mix of 360 degree marketing techniques.

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